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Angur Moong Dal ChhilkaAvailable in: 500g

From khichdi to fritters, green moong dal is used in many mouth-watering recipes. When the moong dal is split into two halves, they become Moong Dal Chhilka. At Angur, the lentils are mechanically processed with zero human intervention. This ensures each grain is free from contamination. Produced in the fertile land of Gujarat, our state-of-the art machinery helps in providing fool-proof packaging that not only keeps the lentils fresh for a longer time, but also ensures no moisture enters the packets – all this without compromising on the nutritional value of the lentil. With Angur’s Moong Dal Chhilka, you can help your family experience pure taste without compromising on nutritional value.


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Why Moong Dal Chhilka?

Being multi-purpose and abundantly high in nutritional value, Moong Dal Chhilka is a staple in most Indian kitchens. In fact, India is the largest producer and consumer of this lentil in the world. Here are the major nutritional benefits you can reap from a 100g of Moong Dal Chhilka.

Helps Lose Weight

Low in calories and almost no fat, Moong Dal Chhilka is ideal for those who want to lose the extra body weight. If you want to follow a dietary regimen, this lentil is a must. It is healthy and will keep you full for hours.

Keeps Heart Healthy

Along with containing a good amount of potassium, green moong dal is also cholesterol-free. Both of these factors help in improving heart health.

Healthy Muscles Mass

According to Harvard Medical School, potassium not only helps with the heart but is also essential for nerve and muscle functioning. A study in the journal Nutrients also states that protein is beneficial for muscle mass. Green moong dal contains 8 grams of protein in every 100g.

Good Source of Fibre

According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), women up to the age of 50 should consume 25 grams of dietary fibre a day, while men should have 38 grams a day. For those below 50, it is 21 grams for women and 30grams for men. A 100gram serving of Moong Dal Chhilka contains 8grams of dietary fibre. This makes up about 30-35% of the daily recommended value. Eating sufficient fibre can aid in better digestion and prevent constipation.

Safe for Diabetics

Moong Dal Chhilka contains only 2.9 grams of sugars. Low amounts of sugar make it safe to consume for diabetics.

Rich in Iron

Moong Dal Chhilka makes up for 8% of the recommended daily iron intake. Iron is essential for the human body as it is responsible for the transportation of oxygen, metabolic processes, transportation of electrons, DNA synthesis and many more functions.

Has Antioxidant Properties

Moong Dal Chhilka provides 3.4% of the daily intake of Vitamin C which is essential for connective tissues, bone formation, wound healing, healthy gums, metabolic functions, the immune system and among others. It is an antioxidant and works as a therapeutic agent in many diseases as well.

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