Angur has been delivering the finest toor dal from the lush fields of Gujarat for consumers since 1965. Our dedica- tion to providing exceptional products through advanced processing and foolproof packaging has earned us the trust of our customers not only in Gujarat but across the entire nation, Angur became a household name in the country and started being recognized as "Guniyaal Naari ni Ek Maatra Pasand."

With a massive success from the dal segment, in 2019. Angur expanded its reach and started delivering a wide range of products such as pulses, besan, millets, and more. Beginning with one product and mastering it, we wanted to dominate Indian kitchens with several prime-quality products. And our customer's loyal preference for the brand has become a testament to our commitment to providing all-around solutions to kitchen requirements,

At the heart of our mission lies a deep passion to nourish your loved ones with the most delicious and nutrient packed food, We remain committed to delivering products of the highest quality and safety while retaining genuine flavors that will delight your taste buds.

We Grew...

From Toor Dal to Pulses

Why Choose Us ?


All the ingredients at Angur are selectively picked and preserved with utmost care. Angur has always never believed in the compromising nutritional value obtained from the Dals and thus Angur Toor Dal and Angur Chana Dal are 100% pure. With all the nutritional value, we also emphasize on hygienic processing without any human interference.


Full-proof modern packaging keeps the freshness intact to maintain the taste as well as keeps moisture away to give a longer storage life.


Angur Dals because of its purity and freshness has the lowest cooking time. Angur Toor Dal and Angur Chana Dal thus take less time to cook compared to other Dals. This also enables you to save energy.

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Great quality products, affordable prices, fast and friendly delivery. I very recommend.

John Duo

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